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Exercise 6: Verbs B

Exercise  6 B  : Verbs

1.   It happened a few weeks ago as I (was walking/walked) home from abroad.

2.   The rain (was pouring/poured) down and I was feeling miserable.

3.   I (left/had left) my raincoat home that mornings because I thought it was going to be fine all day.

4.   I (was really looking forward to/really looked forward to) lying in a lovely hot bath.

5.   Just then, somebody (was bumping/bumped) into me quite roughly.

6.   I (looked/was looking) at this stupid person and was just about to say something rude when I realized I had known him.

7.   It was a guy I (had last seen/had last been seeing) twenty year; earlier when we were at primary school together.

8.   He (did not change/ hadn’t changed) very much.

9.   Apparently he (was living/had been living) round the corner from me for the past ten years but this was the first time we (had met/met) met since our school days.

10. I invited him for coffee and we started talking and remembering all the funny things that. (had happened/ had been happening) to us in those days. It was great meeting Vikas again like that.