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Past Tense : Simple Past Indefinite Tense : Exercise 7

Past Tenses: Simple Past Tense

1.   Simple Past Tense or Indefinite Past Tense is used to express an action completed in the past. It often occurs   with adverbs or adverb phrases of past time.

    e.g. : She left the college last year.

    e.g.:  I didn’t sleep well.(i.e. last night)

   2.  Simple Past Tense is also usedfor past habits.

   e.g.:  She always carried an umbrella.

Exercise No. 7 :

Putthe verbs in the sentences given below into the Past Indefinite.

1.   I go to work by car.

2.   I meet him on Monday.

3.   She always wears a blue sari.

4.   He gets up at 6.30

5.   Raina speaks slowly.

6.   The play begins at 9.00

7.   Karan likes coca-cola.

8.   It smells good.

9.   Raina  cries when she is hurt.

10.I dream every night.