English Grammar, First Year Classes & Topics

Exercise 17


Rewritethe following in reported speech:

1.   The visitor said, “I want to speak to you”.

2.   The student said to the teacher,” We’re sorry, we’re very late.

3.   My wife said, “ I’ll answer the phone for you”

4.   His neighbor said, “ You have an excellent cook.

5.   “I’ve told you everything that I know,” said the man to the policeofficer.

6.   You must leave the country at once.” said the magistrate to theforeigner.

7.   The man said to the fruit seller,” These mangoes won’t keep, they aretoo soft.

8.   “When I get back I’ll return the money I have borrowed from you” saidhis friend to him. “I hope I shan’t meet with an accident”

9.   The doctor said to me, “You have to stay in bed for a week. You willsoon be well”.

10. “If it rains, we’ll have to cancel the match”. Thecaptain said.