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Answer of Exercise No. 12

Answer of exercise No.12

Rewrite the following sentences using ‘too’ or‘enough’.

1.   It’s too cold to go out.

2.   This book is too difficult for me to read.

3.   It’s too dark to see anything.

4.   You are clever enough to know it well.

5.   You are old enough to understand better.

6.   I am too tired to sleep all night.

7.   This hat is too big for a little boy like him.

8.   It’s too far to go on foot.

9.   The music is too soft to hear.

10.                     The fruit is ripe enough to pick.

11.                     That man is stupid enough to believe her.

12.                     I have enough money to pay the bill.

13.                     The lesson is too short to finish it in one sitting.

14.                     It’s too good to be true.

15.                     It’s too small for this big room.