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Too and Very : Exercise 14

Both‘too’ and ‘very’ are used before adjectives and adverbs.

If wewant to say that there is more of something, or quality than is required or desirable, we use ‘too’.

‘very’is used when there is no such suggestion of this kind.

ExerciseNo.14: Too, Very

Supply‘too’ or ‘very’ to complete the sentences:

1.   I am ….tired.

2.   I am …..tired to walk.

3.   It is……soon to tell whether he will be found guilty or not.

4.   This is …..good cake. May I have another piece pl?

5.   Don’t eat…..many of these jamuns. They may upset your stomach.

6.   It is…..hot to work today.

7.   I am …..busy. I can’t see you today.

8.   I am …. busy to see you today.