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Future Tense & Exercise 10

Future Tense:

There are several ways of expressing the future actionin English.

1.    Simple future.  Will/shall

e.g:  We will know the result inMay

2.    The going to  form.

e.g: If you don’t hurry you are going to miss yourtrain.

3.    Simple Present Tense.

The college reopens on 15th June.

ExerciseNo. 10

Putthe verbs in brackets into the ‘be going to ‘ form.

1.   If you  don’t hurry you (miss)your train.

2.   When you (pay) the electricity bill.

3.   They ( change ) their old car.

4.   Look at the sky. It ( rain)

5.   The minister is standing up. He ( makes) a speech.

6.   He (grow) sugarcane next year.

7.   The girl said. “I (be) a model when I grow up”

8.   The man in the helicopter (try) to save the wounded soldiers.

9.   The men with tomatoes in their hands (throw) these on the cricketplayers.

10.I (stay) here for some more weeks.