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Present Continuous Tense & Exercise No. 5

PresentContinuous Tense

S + is/am/are + V + ing

An action inprogress at the time of speaking.

 e.g. The children are playing in the garden.

An action inthe near future.

e.g. Karan iscoming to visit us next week.


ExerciseNo. 5:

Rewritethe following sentences using the verbs in brackets in the continuous form .

He (live) in this town since 1964.

1.   I (look) at this group-photo for five minutes, but I can’t find you.

2.   She ( study) medicine for the last four years.

3.   He ( work) all day; he must be extremely tired.

4.   How long you ( wait) for me?

5.   She ( watch ) the TV all evening.

6.   I ( talk) about grammar  for thelast half an hour, but you  listen

7.   My mother ( cook) all the morning but the meal is not yet ready.