English Grammar, First Year Classes & Topics

Ecercise No. 1 Articles

Exercise No. 1

Add ‘a’ or ‘an’where necessary:

1.              Cigarette is made of tobacco andpaper.

2.              Milk comes from cow.

3.              Window is made of glass.

4.              Grass always grows in English field.

5.              Chair is made of wood.

6.              Cat has tail.

7.              Ring is made of gold or silver.

8.              Fish swims in water.

9.             We can write letter on paper.

10.                     Orange grows on tree.

11.                     Child must have food.

12.                     Sugar is nice in cup of tea.

13.                     Coffee is drink.

14.                     I like jam on piece of bread.

15.                     I can write letter in ink or withpencil.