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Gerund & Exercise 27
Gerund or Non-finite verbs.

When the verb expresses  the idea of tense i.e. past, present, future it is said to be finite verbs.
When the verbs do not express the tense it is said to be  non-finite.

There are three non-finite forms of verbs in English.

1. Infinitive.     2. Gerund       3.   Participle

Gerunds are formed  by adding 'ing' at the end of the first form of verb.

e.g: go - going  :  I do not like going there.

Exercise No.27

Replacethe underlined words with a gerund construction.

1.   You must admit that you copied in the examination.

2.   I don’t remember that I ever promised to attend the function.

3.   I suggested  that we should trya different approach.

4.   Do you mind if I close the window?

5.   He hates to write letters.

6.   I don’t anticipate  that I willmeet my opposition.

7.   Forgive me because I had to interrupt you.

8.   He denied that he had made the statement.

9.   I appreciate that you gave me so much of your valuable time.