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Too, Enough & Exercise 13

‘Too’ is an adverb of excess. It is used with to +verb and for + noun

e.g.: This milk is very hot; I can’t drink it.

This milk is too hot to drink.

‘Enough’ is also used with infinitive, it has apositive sense and it comes in front of a noun and after an adjective oradverb.

e.g.:  He is tooill to need a doctor.

He is ill enough to need a doctor.

Exercise No. 13. Too, Enough

Rewrite the following sentences using ‘too’ or‘enough’.

1.   It’s very cold; we cannot go out.

2.   This book is very difficult; I can’t read it.

3.   It’s very dark; I can’t see anything.

4.   You are quite clever; you know it well.

5.   You are quite old now; you ought to understand better.

6.   I may very tired; I can sleep all night.

7.   This hat is very big; he’s only a little boy.

8.   It’s very far; we can’t go on foot.

9.   The music is very soft; we can’t hear it.

    10. The fruit is ripe; we can pick it.

    11. That man is stupid; he believes her.

    12. I have enough money; I can pay thebill.

    13. The lesson is short; we can finish itin one sitting.

    14. It’s very good; it can’t be true.

     15. It’s very small; this is a big room.