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Conditional Sentences:

Conditional Sentences 

Thereare three types  of conditional sentencesin English.

1)             1)  ‘if ’ clause  isin simple present tense then use will/shall in the main clause.

          e.g:  If it rains, the playwill be cancelled.

2)  ‘if’ clauseis in simple past tense then the main clause uses would/should +              

      infinitive  verb.

      e.g: Ifyou listened to me, your doubts would be cleared.

3)   ‘if’clause  has- had +past participle  form then should/would+have+been +    v in the  

        main clause.

       e.g: If therehad been a court case, you would have been sentenced.



       ‘unless’is also used for conditional sentences. ‘ if’ is used in a positive condition,  

        while ‘unless’  in a negative condition.



      ‘otherwise’means – if this does not happen.