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Past Continuous Tense & Exercise 8

Past Continuous Tense:


It is used to denote an action going on at some timein the past.

e.g.: When I saw him, he was playing chess.

Exercise No. 8:

Put the verb in brackets into the past indefinite andcontinuous tense.

1.   The children were frightened because it (get) dark.

2.   The aeroplane in which the soldiers (travel) crashed.

3.   He usually walks to work but today I (see) him (travel) in a bus.

4.   The car had nobody in it but the engine( run).

5.   Are you going to Indore? I thought you ( go) to Bhopal.

6.   While they (watch) TV somebody entered the house from the back.

7.   He had a bad fall while he ( repair) his house.

8.   From the sounds it was clear that Neha (practice) the harmonium.

9.   Just as I (wonder) what to do next the call-bell rang.

10.My wife and I (talk) about you the other day.