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Answer of Exercise No. 3

Answer of exercise No. 3

Supply‘a’ an’, some’ or ‘the’ where necessary:

1.   There is a fly in the Lemonade.

2.   Some birds can fly very high in the sky.

3.   The book on that shelf is an interesting one.

4.   He makes some toys in the evening.

5.   Donkeys are regarded as stupid animals.

6.   Put some butter on the potatoes.

7.   Honesty is the best of all virtues.

8.   I should like a house in the country.

9.   We had dinner at a new restaurant last night.

10.                     John and Jane went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

11.                     Do you prefer a book of poetry or stories of adventure?

12.The clouds over the sea are lovely today.

13. I want a tin of peaches, some sugar and a pound of jam.

14.There’s a horse in the garden.

15.The youngest brother is at school now.