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Answer of Exercise No. 13

Answer of exercise No.13

Add some or any as required:

1.   ‘Give me some more pudding’. I’m sorry but there isn’t any.

2.   Go and ask him for some paper. I haven’t any in my desk.

3.   I have some more work for you to do.

4.   I can’t eat any potatoes, but I should like some more beans.

5.   I don’t think there is any one here who can speak Bengali.

6.   There aren’t any matches left; we must buy some.

7.    There is some tea in the kitchen,but there isn’t any milk

8.   Put some salt in it; the cook hasn’t put any

9.   You must tell us some more about your experiences.

10.                     You asked me for some ice, but I can’t find any.

11.                     Put some bread in the bag; we shall need some more on our way.

12.                     I‘ve lost my pencil. Have you any to lend me?

13.                     We have some new shirts in today. Do you want to buy any?

14.                     Will you have some more tea?

15.                     Have you had any coffee? I can give you some.

16.                     Can you get some money from the bank?

17.                     Can you give me some more information?

18.    Did yougo  anywhere last night ?