English Grammar, First Year Classes & Topics

Exercise 18
Exercise No. 18.

Rewrite the following in reported speech:

1.   “How many of your friends are coming to dinner”? asked my wife.

2.   “Why didn’t you get up earlier”? asked his mother angrily.

3.    The employer asked,” Do you thinkyou can learn Russian in a year. “

4.   “Can anyone tell me why the boss was so angry “enquired the secretary?

5.   “Shall I live to be a hundred?” the old man asked.

6.   “Shall I set the dishes on the table or wait?” Mrs. Sharma asked herhusband.

7.   The stranger enquired, “How far is it to the University? Can I walk itor must I take a bus?”

8.   “Who called while I was away?” he asked his wife “Did he leave anymessage for me?”

9.   “Did you lock the house or not?” he asked his son.