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Present Perfect Tense & Exercise 6

Present Perfect Tense

S + has/have +  third form of verb

Ram has writtena letter.

(Here theaction is finished at the time of speaking.)

ExerciseNo. 6 :

Rewritethe sentences given below using the verbs in the Present Perfect or PresentPerfect Continuous form.

1.   She ( learn) Russian for the last three years, but she still ( notlearn) it well.

2.   We (live) in this small house for two years now, but we now ( decide) tomove to a large house.

3.   You ever ( read) Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice ?

4.   The volcano ( create) havoc ever since it erupted.

5.   They ( walk) ten miles and are resting now.

6.   He ( suffer) from fever  for aweek now, but he ( do) nothing about it so far.

7.   She ( take up) the new job already.