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Combination of Sentences & Exercise 26

Combinationof Sentences:

Sentencescan be combined by using and, then.

e.g:  1) TheIndian art is national.       Ans: The Indian art is national and objective.

          2) TheIndian art is objective.

Exercise  No. 26.

Combinethe following sentences:

1.    a) The Parthians made Indiatheir home.

           b) TheKushans made India their home.

2.   a) Indian temples are adorned with sculpures.

          b) They are adorned with paintings.

    3.  a) Kancheepuram is known for its frescoes.

           b) Itis known for its silk sarees.

    4.   a) Thepatterns of the body are variegated.

          b) They are lovely.

    5.   a) The Hindu trinityincludes Brahma.

           b) Itincludes  Vishnu.

           c) It includes  Mahesh.

    6.    a) Indian art wasshaped  by many qualities.

           b) Itwas shaped by many ideals.