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Answer of Exercise No. 4

Answerof exercise No. 4

Fillin the blanks with Present Indefinite or the Present continuous forms of verbprovided in the bracket.

1.   The girls generally go to their grandparent’s house for the holidays,but this year they are not going there.

2.   Children love to play cricket.

3.   My nephew is arriving here next week. He usually spends his vacationhere.

4.   I do not study anything during vacations.

5.   He generally takes a bus to his office, but today he is riding ascooter.

6.   He rarely uses a pen, but he is using one now.

7.   Ask the woman what she wants.

8.   Neha is doing her homework at present.

9.   My brother is reading a novel now.

10.                     These boys always complain about their food.