English Grammar, First Year Classes & Topics

Answers of Exercise No. 1 & 2

Answerof exercise No. 1

1.   A cigarette is made of tobacco and paper.

2.   Milk comes from cow.

3.   A window is made of glass.

4.   Grass always grows in an English field.

5.   A chair is made of wood.

6.   A cat has tail.

7.   A ring is made of gold or silver.

8.   Fish swims in water.

9.   We can write a letter on paper.

10.                     Orange grows on tree.

11.                     A child must have food.

12.                     Sugar is nice in a cup of tea.

13.                     Coffee is a drink.

14.                     I like jam on a piece of bread.

15.                     I can write a letter in ink or with a pencil.

Answerof exercise No. 2

Add‘a’ or ‘an’ or ‘some’ where necessary:

1.   A table has four legs.

2.   An apple has sweet taste.

3.   Fruit is very good to eat.

4.   Please give me some milk.

5.   A man gave me some books this morning.

6.   A good student is never late for class.

7.   I want a glass of lemonade with some sugar in it.

8.   Give me some  ink to write aletter.

9.   I like music very much.

10.                     Do you take sugar in tea ?