English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Exercise No. 6: Verbs A

Exercise No. 6. A

Supply the correct form of verb given in the brackets:

1.    A Tale of Two Cities (is/are) an excellent novel by Charles Dickens.

2.    Physics (was/were) the subject he was specializing  as a student.

3.    This scissors (is/are) blunt; give me another.

4.    Either the manufacturer or the shopkeeper ( is/ are)  responsible for  the short supply.

5.    Everyone from the surrounding  villages ( was/ were) hurt during the  earthquake of Gujrat.

6.    The cricket team( was/ were) drawn from Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta and Delhi.

7.    The news at last (give/ gives)  ground for a better future.

8.    Neither the driver nor the  passengers ( remember/ remembers) how the accident occurred.

9.    The school ( was/ were)  assembled by ten o clock.

10.                      There( is/ are) no differences  of opinion among the partners.

11.                      The committee ( were / was ) undecided about the final outcome.

12.                      Each of the players ( was  /were) hoping to be selected  for the University team.

13.                      Neither of these books ( is / are ) presently required by me.

14.                      Somebody in one of the inner rooms (was/ were)  playing on the  harmonium very 


15.                      The jury ( is/ are) expected to  return their verdict later this  week.

16.                      If either of them (phone/ phones ) please record the message  very  carefully.

17.                      Neither my colleagues nor I ( am/ are) going on holiday this  summer.

18.                      Traffic potholes ( make /makes) roads extremely dangerous even for the pedestrians.

19.                      Regions near the equator (receive/receives) More heat from the

          Sun than regions near the North Pole and South Pole.

20.                      I think that you know , “That earth’s  heat( come/comes  ) only from the Sun”

21.                      Weather(change/changes) all the time.

22.                      Weather(is/are) not the same as climate.

23.                      The amount of rainfall largely (control/controls) the kind of plantlife in a region.

24.                      All conditions of the atmosphere (is/are) ‘weather’

25.                      Sun light or ordinary white light ( are,is) really a mixture  of all the colours.

26.                      Either the manufacturer or the shop keeper ( is /are) responsible  for the fraud.

27.                      The English cricket team( is/ are) drawn from England , Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

28.                             There(is/are) no differences in opinion.