English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Questions and Answers of Chapter 5

Chapter- V     Bores .       

1.   What is the quality required if one wants to write about bores?

 If one wants to write about bores,it requires a sense of superiority, assurance and self confidence. 

 2.    Who, according to Lucas, is a true bore?

 A true bore is always conscious of his borisheness and usually thinking of himself as the most companionable men.

 3.   Why does Lucas say that everybody, at sometime, is a bore?

     Lucas says that everybody, at some time, is a bore because everybody now and then has something to tell to others.  He thinks that what he says is interesting or pleasing to others, which are sometimes boredom of many.

 4.   Why are bores happy ?


Bores  are happy because they have a lot to tell, and they also find listeners easily.


5.   Why can bores be always sure of an audience?

The ores are always sure of an audience because of the deep-rooted kindness inhuman nature.


6.   Explain Lucas’s statement, ‘Bores make cowards of us all’.


Kindness is deep-rooted in human nature, and because of this, he cannot avoid a bore. We very much wanted to avoid the bore, but we are helpless. So it is true that bores make cowards of us all.

7.    What was the device of Lucas’ friend to avoid the bore?


Lucas's friend to avoid the bore, so he engaged an attendant for this purpose. Whenever a bore came to him, the attendant would come to him to tell him that there was an urgent telephone call. The friend would take leave from the bore, and this way, the bore was forced to leave him.


8.    What is the defect of this device employed by Lucas’s friend?

The defect of this device employed by Lucas’s friend was it could not be made use too often.


9.    Name two sets of people who are not bores.

According to Lucas, intelligent people cannot be bores. Another type of person who is busy can never be bores.


10.                      Why is the buttonholing bore difficult  to deal with?

The buttonholing bores are not only vivid in their description but catchy to stick someone also.

11.                      What is the most humiliating experience when the buttonholing bore closes in?

When the buttonholing bore comes very close, and he tells funny stories though they are not at all funny. It is the most humiliating experience when we hear such stories worth for nothing.

12.                      What does Lucas say about the ‘word type of bore?

These are a  type of bore, who think loudly quite audible to the people who happen to be near to them.

13.                      What remedy does Lucas suggest to deal with bores?

          The only remedy suggested by Lucas is to train ourselves to be   offensive.