English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Questions and Answers of Chapter 3

Chapter III     TheJudgement-Seat of Vikramaditya .       


1.   When did Vikramaditya rule over Malwa?


Vikramaditya ruled over Malwa  in  57  B.C.


2.   What qualities of head and heart made Vikramaditya so well-loved king ?


The most important quality of Vikramaditya was that he was the most excellent judge in history and he never punished the right man. 

3.   Why is cow a special animal for India?


The cow is a sacred animal, and we love and worship them. Cows are more useful and precious in India. They are one of the most favourite pets in India. 

4.   How was the cowherd boy’s conduct when he was seated on the mound?


When the cowherd boy seated on the mound, he posed as a judge and asked the boys to put cases before him for judgment. Instead of fun,he took up the cases seriously.



5.   How did the king react when he heard about the herd-boys?


When the king heard the wise decisions of the cowherd-boy,he was sure that the boy might have been sat on the judgment seat of Vikramaditya. Now the king wished to acquire that seat  so that he too might give wise and impartial decisions.


6.   Why did the king want the judgment-seat to be brought to his town?


The king wished to acquire the seat of Vikramaditya because he had a long desire togive wise decisions like that of the great Vikramaditya.


7.   How was the king prevented again and again from ascending the throne?


When the King went forward to ascend the throne, he was stopped by one of the stone angels supporting the throne, saying that he could not sit on that as his heart was not pure like that of the shepherd boy. 

8.   Why was Vikramaditya known as the greatest judge of India ? Can you reproduce any story of his judgment?


Vikramaditya was the most excellent judge in history because he never punished the right man. There are many stories of his judgment. Once two women came to Vikramaditya’s court with a child, and both claimed the child as theirs.  After hearing, the king called a soldier and asked to cut the child into two equal parts.   Soon the birth mother cried and withdrew her claim over the child and asked to give it to the other.  The king, with his wisdom, recognized and decided to give the child to the birth mother.

1.   Why is the ‘twilight ’ called the ‘hour of cowdust’ in India ?


Cowherds take cattle for grazing in the morning, and when the day ends, they come back. It is the time of the sunset, and it is called twilight. When they come back, they raise a storm of dust by their feet, and the dust rises high like a cloud. That is why the twilight is called cowdust in India.