English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Questions and Answers of Chapter 2

Chapter II  Death of a Clerk.       

1.   Write a summary of the short story “Death of a Clerk” in your own words.


On a night a clerk name Iva Dmitrich Chervyakov was enjoying a movie in a theatre. All of a sudden, he sneezed. He took out a handkerchief and wiped his nose and looked around and he saw a short heighted, bald man sitting in front of him wiping his bald head and neck. Iva recognized him as Civil General Brizalov of Ministry of Communication. On seeing him Iva thought of apologizing for sneezing at him. Iva cleared his throat and leaned over the general and asked apology in a low voice. On this, the general replied that it does not matter,and the clerk went to his home. On reaching home he told the incident to his wife. She also suggested him to go the general and ask for apology. He went to the general but he turned him back and shut the door. On this Iva felt uneasy and unable to think properly. He reached his home and laid down on the sofa. There in his official frock he died.


2.   Considering yourself as the clerk,rewrite the story from your own side.


I am a clerk, and one day I went to the theatre to see a movie. While I was watching the movie, I sneezed. I took out my handkerchief and wiped my nose and face. I looked around and was surprised to see a captain before me in the front row. I felt embarrassed when he started cleaning his bald head and neck.  I went forward and ask for an apology.  I went home and narrated this incident to my wife. She suggested me go to the captain and ask for an excuse.  The next day I went to the captain and repeatedly begged for pardon. When I frequently ask for an apology, he became angry and turned me out and shut the door. Unable to think correctly, I reached home and laid down on the sofa. Unable to think correctly, I reached back and laid down on the sofa.