English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Answer of Exercise No. 22.

Answer of   Exercise No. 22.

Rewrite the sentences in each set as one complex sentence containing the main clause and a subordinate clause.

1.         Though the highest type of social organization is to be found among    

               the ants so is the social lives of bees and wasps is also highly organized.


2.        2.      Though all ants are social insects, some kinds of ants have very small



3.        3.     Though ants are small insects, the giant ants of the Amazon region

             are about  three and half inches long.


        4.       Ants can easily construct a new nest in another  place whenever

              the  conditions at one place become unfavourable.


  5.       When the weather in  July becomes warm and humid the ants leave    

              on a wedding flight at this time.


 6.         When the queen loses its  wings after mating, it leaves  immediately  

          tries to find a place underground.

  7.        All ants are not friendly to one another the ant queens are not hostile to

              members of their own sex.

 8.         When the larvae develop into workers they immediately  take over the   

   duties of the nest.

  9.The ants do not hurt us as much as bees or wasps do.