English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Answers Exercise No. 16

Answer of  Exercise No. 16. Direct and Indirect Narration.

Put into the reported speech.

1.   He told me to go to bed and not to get up till I was called.

2.   He told me to eat up my dinner at once or he would punish me.

3.   He told me not to wipe my dirty fingers on his clean table cloth. .

4.   He ordered to shut the door after me.

5.   He told me to take a look at myself in the mirror..

6.   He says that he is going to the country side with his brother..

7.   He says that he has flown about a million kilometers

8.   They say that they always try to please me.

9.   They say that he is sitting over there.

10.                      He says that he is giving a party to his friends that weekend.

11.                      He enquired me if I was enjoying myself?

12.                      He asked whether the taxi would be there at seven O ‘clock?

13.                      He asked me if my car always make such a nasty noise.

14.                      He asked whether my shoes were cleaned.

15.                      He asked if the children had taken away their toys.

16.                      He exclaimed with disgust that I was wearing a dirty shirt.

17.                      He asked me with surprise what I had done to my coat.

18.                      He exclaimed that the house was on fire.

19.                      He exclaimed what had happened on earth.

20.                      He ordered me not to stand there doing nothing.

21.                      He said that he would not do that if he were I.

22.                      He told me to do as I was told.

23.                      He asked me what time the train started and he was sure that it was the

 time to go.

24.                      She told that it was here engagement ring and she enquired whether I

 liked that .

25.He told me how he could not stop-laughing as Raina’s dress was so


26. He said that he was sure that we were lost and asked  to run to asks the  

  policeman the way..

27.                      They asked whether there were any ripe mangoes in the shop.

28.                      He asked me politely to let him  know whether I could supply him

  those goods.