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Answer of Exercise No. 17

Answer of   Exercise No. 17

Add   the missing relative  in the following sentences.

1.   I  know a man who eats  vegetables.

2.   It is a kind of pepper which you cannot eat.

3.   His wife is a woman who loves a joke.

4.   You cannot write on the paper which this factory makes.

5.   Has this book content which please you.

6.   I am looking for somebody whom I can trust.

7.   I want to find a man who can show me the way to the zoo.

8.   The man whom you want has just left.

9.   The girl  who was here yesterday has gone to Houston for higher studies.

10.    The book  that you lent me is not very interesting.

11.    The chair  which was broken is now mended.

12.    The old man who lived next door  has been untraceable for a longtime.

13.    Women  who work in hospitals are to be admired for their courage.

14.    The girl who lives opposite my house is very handsome.

15.    The fish which I ate yesterday was not very good.

16.    The barber who  cut your hair has done his job very badly.

17.    The dress that you were wearing yesterday was very pretty indeed.

18.    The letter that Vikas received yesterday had not been stamped properly.

19.    Was the coat that you were wearing  yesterday your own?

20.    The music which the orchestra  is playing is  a Zuben Mehta creation.

21.     The doctor  who she visited  yesterday is well-known all over the state.

22.    The person who is sitting next to me is not very sharp.

23.    The Princess who .had been married for ten years, has just had her first baby.

24.    The author of this book who has been to Houston,has just retured.

25.    Allahabad that is on the Ganga, is a beautiful city.