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Answers Exercise No.15

Answers  of Exercise No. 15


Complete each of the following sentences with a suitable phrasal verb. The meaning of the phrasal verb is given in brackets.

1.   He would not be able to  keep up the speed

2.   Raina is laid up with some sort of viral infection.

3.   I am not able to understand why you are always looking down upon foreigners.

4.   We must  fix up a date for the child’s naming ceremony soon.

5.   His children treat him very badly. I do not know how he bears with it

6.   Al lour plans kept off  because  of my sudden illness

7.      The number of readers has come down considerably in the last few years because of the television.

8.   It was  the first time they had clashed with since they got married.

9.Since four of the committee members were ill they decided to  holdover the meeting until the following week

11If the weather clears up soon,we will be able to have our picnic as planned

12.I will never trust him again. He has  fallen away me so many times

13.Since it was his first  offence, he was set free by the magistrate

14.To some extent  the high standard of living in  Sweden makes up the boring social   life.

15.He was fallen on by  group of gangsters after a football match beaten.

16.Raina never wears make ups.

17.Which dress shall you put on for the party?