English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Answers Exercise No. 13

Answers of  Exercise 13  Passive  Voice.


Put the following sentences into the Passive Voice.


1.   It must have been taken while I was out.

2.   This dress must be ironed for tonight.

3.   Were you frightened by the noise?

4.   You can be assured that  everything will be arranged by me.

5.   He had to operated on to know what was wrong with him.

6.   The visitors will  be met at the station .

7.   Today cities can be shelled from a great distance.

8.   Money is generally assumed to bring happiness.

9.   I am told that your sister has been murdered in cold blood.

10.                     I should love to be taken out for dinner.

11.                     The criminal was given a fair trial and sent to prison.

12.                     He was brought up by his grand-father and got education at


13.                     I was surprised to hear you had been robbed.

14.                     Nothing has been moved by us since you were sent away to be


15.                     The moon is no longer said to be inhabited any more than Mars .

16.                     This pen has only been used  by me once since it was mended.