English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Answers Exercise No. 12

Exercise  12 Prepositions

   1.   What gramophone record  is at number one ?

2.   Their new gramophone record is  on the top on these days.

3.   This music  was written by Laxmikant–Pyarelal.

4.   I have not seen this orchestra group on stage.

5.   Who is the guitarist in  that orchestra group.

6.   He is being kept in police custody.

7.   He was sentenced    five years of rigorous imprisonment.

8.   He was accused  of murder.

9.   She has been charged  with theft.

10.                     They were  brought  before  the judge.

11.                     Profitsdepend largely on production and sales.

12.                     Thereis a boom  in consumer products.

13.                     Themain exports  of India are cotton products.

14.                     India is self sufficient in wheat.

15.                     Gujarat suffers from lack of water.

16.                     He went down  in the lift.

17.                     Wemet  at the railway station.

18.                      I waited 20 minutes  for a city buses.

19.                     In Mumbai people queue  for city buses.

20.                     We must wait  at the bus stop.

21.                     She waited for the train at the platform.

22.                     The conductor asked  for our destination.

23.                     I will meet you at the ticket office.

24.                     The accused was absolved  from     all blame.

25.                     The treasurer has runaway with the funds of the club.


  26.            A report has   been lodged with   police.

    27.                      Abstain from alcohol.

       28.                     You must accommodate yourself to  his needs.

  29.             Do you adhere  to any special doctrines?