English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Answers Exercise No. 11

Answer of Exercise 11  Conditionals.

Supply ‘if’ or ‘unless’ in thefollowing sentences.

1.   She should not have waited if you had been late.

2.   He would not speak Hindi unless  he comes to India.

3.   I’ll go to the door  if  I hear the bell.

4.   I shan’t  go to the door unless  I hear thebell.

5.   Unlessyouring the bell the servant won’t come.

6.   He’ll come  if yousend him the invitation for the party.

7.   Ifshewrote to me, I should write

8.   He would have come  if youhad called him.

9.   Ifyousend a letter by courier now, he will get it tomorrow.

10.                     Ishould never have found the house if  the postman had not helped me.