English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Answers Exercise No. 10

Exercise 10 Nouns  and Verbs.

Addan appropriate noun or verb from the list  below:

Nouns:accounts, board, responsibilities, directors, votes, shareholders,resolution,team.

Verbs: make, proposed, elected, answers,passed, ensure, undertake, send.

1.The directors of  a company have the responsibility to ensure that the legal requirements are complied with.

2.The directors of the company must send a copy of the company’s annual  

    accounts to the Registrar of Companies.

3.The  directors will make decisions by passing resolutions at the board meeting.

4.Resolutions are passed when there are a majority of  votes cast in favour.

5.Executive directors are those who undertake departmental responsibilities

 6.The managing director  answers to the board for the performance of his management team