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Answers Exercise No. 9 Adjectives and Verbs

 Answer ofExercise 9  Adjectives and Verbs

Addappropriate verb or adjective from the list below :

Verbs:achieve, consider, maintain, avoid, deal, reach, evaluate, involved.

Adjectives: same, day’s, astute, typing, greater,likely, development.


1    Ifsubordinates are involved  in the decision making process they will show development intheir   work.

2.  The  day’swork  can all too easily become a battle to  dealwith piles of paperwork before the time runs out.

3.   Likea good car driver the astute managerlooks as far ahead as he can soas to spot hazards and then avoids them.

4.   Thewhole business organization, from the board of directors down to the typing pool, is a network ofteams each trying to reach itsown goals.

5.   Eachteam in the business will  achieve its target more easily andeffectively if everyone is pulling in the same direction.

6.Before you decide on  course ofaction it is wise to evaluate  the  likely consequences.

7.Most firms are aware of the need to maintain good public relations.

 8.Whena development  plan is being considered  it isnecessary to bring  into  account its effect on the environment.