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Answers Exercise No. 8

Answerof Exercise  8

Inthe sentences given below supply the suitable tense form of the verbs given inbrackets:

1.   am always having  trouble with my car these days.

2.   I hope it  will not rain  when the bride leaves the mandap tomorrow.

3.   Ina few minutes’ time, when the clock strikestwelve, I shall have been waiting here three-quarters of an hour.

4.   Whenwe went  to see them yesterday evening, they were playing chess; they said  theyhad been playing  since five o’clock.

5.   Mother  hasjust gone   to the market: Karan has  seen her just nowin the New Market as he came homefrom school.

6.   You forever misunderstand what explain to you ! Why do  you  not listen while I  speak to you.

7.   Bythe end of last year Raina had read  four Wordsworth poems, and by the next year he would   read two more.

8.   Rainais worried about her impending marriage. She  wishesshe could   get out ofit, but simply  cannot.

9.   WhenI grew old I often  thought  of all the things I  haddone  when I was young.

10.                   Thisis the second time you have  havebroken a cup; you ( broke  one yesterday. The last servant havenever broken anything, but you have broken half the things in the house.