English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Answers Exercise No. 6 A

Answers of Exercise No. 6.A

Supply the correct form of verb given in the brackets:

1.    A Tale of Two Cities is  an excellent novel by Charles Dickens.

2.    Physics was the subject he was specializing  as a student.

3.    This scissors is blunt; give me another.

4.    Either the manufacturer or the shopkeeper  is  responsiblefor  the short supply.

5.    Everyone from the surroundingvillages was hurt duringthe  earthquake of  Gujrat.

6.    The cricket team  was drawn from Mumbai, Chennai,Kolkatta and Delhi.

7.    The news at last  gives ground for a better future.

8.    Neither the driver nor the  passengers  rememberhow the accident occurred.

9.    The school was  assembled by teno clock.

10.                      There  areno differences  of opinion among thepartners.

11.                      Thecommittee  was  undecided about the final outcome.

12.                      Eachof the players  was  hoping to be selected  for the University team.

13.                      Neitherof these books  is  presentlyrequired  by me.

14.                      Somebodyin one of the inner rooms was  playing on the   harmonium very loudly.

15.                      Thejury  are  expected to  return their verdict later this  week.

16.                      Ifeither of them  phones  please record the message  very carefully.

17.                      Neithermy colleagues nor I am goingon holiday this   summer.

18.                      Trafficpotholes  make  roads extremely dangerous even forthe pedestrians.

19.                      Regionsnear the equator receive Moreheat from the Sunthan regions near the North

               Pole and South Pole.

20.                      Ithink that you know , “That earth’s  heatcomes  only fromthe Sun”

21.                      Weatherchanges  all the time.

22.                      Weatheris  not the same as climate.

23.                      Theamount of rainfall largely (control/controls) the kind of plant life in a region.

24.                      Allconditions of the atmosphere are‘weather’

25.                      Sunlightor ordinary white light is  really a mixture   of all the colours.

26.                      Eitherthe manufacturer or the shop keeperis  responsible  forthe fraud.

27.                      TheEnglish cricket team is drawnfrom England , Scotland, Walesand Ireland.

28.                                Thereare no differences inopinion.