English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Answers Exercise No. 4

Answers of Exercise No. 4 :Nouns and Pronouns (A)

Put each of the following collective nouns in the correct place in the sentences below, making it plural, if necessary.

Flock,herd, bundle, mob, stack, suite, audience,swarm, shoal, bunch, set, crowd,fleet, congregation, crew, flight, clump,gang, pack.

1.   The fleet of the Indian Navy is very strong now.

2.   Disease reduced the farmer’s herd from60 to 39 cows.

3.   Raina was attacked by a  swarm of wasps.

4.   A  mob of shouting people overturned vehicles, set fire to shops and attacked a police station.

5.   The President occupied a  suite of rooms at the hotel.

6.   Some spectators in the crowd disagreed with the referee’s decision.

7.   He bought a large  bunch of bananas.

8.   The priest was very sad to see his congregation getting smaller week by week.

9.   Fishing boats use modern equipments to locate the  shoal of fish.

10.         Reetika lost her balance and fell down a flight of steps.

11.         Veerapan is the leader of a well-known  gang of criminals.

12.         We sat down in the shade of a clump of trees.

13.         In spring  flock of birds arrive in India after spending their time  

              in Russia.

14.         Our picnic was completely ruined by swarm of ants.

15.         Karan gave Reetika a bunch of flowers.

16.         Indian Airlines has a  fleet of Boeing 747s.

17.         Rhea gave a bundle of old clothes to the Gujarat  Earthquake victims.


18.         The audience applauded the new play enthusiastically.

19.         Has anyone seen a bunch of keys?I left them somewhere.

20.         Golf is an expensive game.You will need a pack of clubs.

21.         The books were arranged in a stack one on top of the other.

22.         They have bought leather three-piece set a sofa and two  


23.         Let us play a game. Who has got a pack of cards?

24.         The cruise ship carries 100passengers and a crew of 45.

25.         They flock of sheep was controlled by a shepherd and two  dogs.

(B)  Select fromthe words in bracket s the correct one to fill the  blanks:      

1.    Uncle Mohan took Karan and me  to the circus ( I, me )

2.    Yes, it is he sure enough. (he, him)

3.    My daughter and she are going on holiday together.(she, her)

4.    You and  he make a good partnership. ( he, him)

5.    We are much stronger than them at cricket.(they, them)

6.    You are as tall as I So you can easily wear this coat. (I,me)

7.    How can you talk to a man like him (he,him)

8.    I think you are prettier than they all ( they, them) Let us go for a walk,just    you and I (I, me)

9.    It was he I was talking about. (he, him)

10.  It is she (she,her) that likes sugar in her tea, not I (I,me)