English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Answer of Exercise No 1

Answer of  Exercise 1

1.   Our house is closer to the District court building than the Railway station.

2.  A dictionary of synonyms is the  best source for precise meaning of …x ..similar words.

3.   Most people guess the meaning of an unfamiliar words by looking at       the familiar words around it.

4.   An ordinary dictionary records in the alphabetical order.

5.   Knowing a  language is not the same thing as  knowing about it.

6.   She is learning  x  music; her harmonium lessons cost   fifty rupees  an hour. Some people pay double the amount for their music lessons.

7.    Mountains like  the Himalayas always attracted him; he loved    nature and hated the   towns and cities.

8.   Butter is made from x cream, I always enjoy bread and x butter for    x breakfast.

9.   After the serious illness he traveled by  x air to Switzerland in search of  health.

10.  The retired Captain still loves x sailing; he has a boat on  the river.

11.  They have sent Rahul to  x prison for hitting  a policeman on the   


        12Take an umbrella with you  to the office . It may rain any  time.

        13.   Raina traveled in the second- class carriage with a few  Americans.

 14.The  book  on the shelf is  an interesting one about the Gandhian philosophy.

15.   The clouds over the sky are lovely today. I’d like to go for a walk.