English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Exercise No. 20

Grammar  Exercise No. 18.

Turn the following sentences  into  assertive sentences.

1.   What a pretty sight  the cows make when they return to the village for the night.

2.   How I wish I could  show you the coming and going of Indian cows!

3.   Oh! how delightful it is?

4.   How selfish I have been!

5.   What a beautiful garden!

Convert the following sentences  into simple sentences.

1.   He went to the sweetmeat shop and looked at the boxes bottles displayed at the counter.

2.   Adult drink wine, but many of them do not derive any real pleasure from it.

3.   Karan regrets that he has lost his taste for sweets.

Rewrite the following  sentences as compound sentences.

1.   He stands on the seat of his car smiling at the smiling multitude around.

2.   Being occupied  with his own thoughts and fancies he forgets for a moment his companion.

3.   He is more a philosopher than a politician.

4.   If we do not check him, he may become  a dictator.