English Grammar, Third Year Classes & Topics

Exercise No.16

Exercise No. 16.

Direct and Indirect Narration.

Put into the reported speech.

1.   Go to the bed and don’t  up till  you are called.

2.   Eat up your dinner at once or  I will punish you.

3.   Do not wipe your dirty fingers on my clean tablecloth.

4.   Shut the door after you.

5.   Take a look at  yourself in the mirror.

6.   I am going to countryside  with my brother.

7.   I have flown about a million kilometers.

8.   We always try top lease you.

9.   He is sitting over there.

10.                      I am giving a party to my friend  this weekend.

11.                      Are you enjoying  yourself?

12.                      Will the taxi be here at 7 O clock?

13.                      Does your car  always make  such nasty noise?

14.                      Are your shoes cleaned yet?

15.                      Have the children put away their toys?

16.                      What a dirty shirt  you are wearing!

17.                      What have you done to your coat?

18.                      The house is on fire!

19.                      What on earth has  happened?

20.                      Do not stand there doing nothing!

21.                      I should not do that if I were you.

22.                      Do as you are told! You are a naughty boy.

23.                      What time does the train start? I am sure it is time to go.

24.                      This is my engagement ring. Do you like it?

25.                      How can I help laughing? Raina’s dress is so funny.

26.                      I am sure we are lost. Run and ask that policeman the way.

27.                      Are there any ipe mangoes in the shop?

28.                      If you can supply me with   these goods, please let me know.