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Exercise 13 Passive Voices.

Exercise 13 Passive  Voice.

Put the following sentences into the Passive Voice.

1.   Somebody must have taken it while I was out.

2.   You must iron this dress for tonight.

3.   Did the noise frighten you?

4.   I can assure you will arrange everything in time.

5.   The surgeon had to operate on him to find out what was wrong.

6.   Somebody will meet the visitors at the station.

7.   Today people can shell cities from a great distance.

8.   People generally assume that money brings happiness.

9.   They tell me somebody has murdered your sister in cold blood.

10.                     I should love someone to take me out to dinner.

11.                     They gave the criminal a fair trial and sent him to prison.

12.                     His grandfather brought him up, and had got his education at 


13.                     It surprised me to hear someone had robbed you.

14.                     We have not moved anything since they sent you away to cure you.

15.                     People no longer say that anyone inhabits  Mars any more than the


16.                     I have only used this pen once since the day I had it mended.