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Exercise 8 Tense

Exercise  8

In the sentences given below supply the suitable tense form of the verbsgiven in brackets:

1.   I  (always have)  trouble with my car these days.

2.   I hope it  (not rain)  when the bride (leave) the mandap tomorrow.

3.   In a few minutes’ time, when the clock (strike) twelve, I(wait) here three-quarters of an hour.

4.   When we (go) to see them yesterday evening, they were (play) chess; they(say) they (play) since five o’ clock.

5.   Mother ( just go)  to the market:Karan ( see) her just now in the New Market as he (come) home from school.

6.   You  forever (misunderstand) what (explain) to you ! Why do  you ( not listen) while I ( speak)  to you.

7.   By the end of last year Raina ( read ) four Wordsworth poems, and by the next year he (  read) two more.

8.   Raina is worried about her impending marriage. She ( wish) she (can)  get out of it, but simply   cannot.

9.   When I grew old I often  (think)of all the things I ( do) when I (be) young.

10.                   This is the second time you have  (break)a cup; you ( break)  one yesterday. The last servant ( never break ) anything, but you have  (break) half the things in the house.