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Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech

Words are divided into different kinds or classes,called – Parts of Speech according to the work they do  in a sentence.

The Parts of Speech are  8  in number:

1. Noun – laKk

A Noun is a word used as the name of a person, place, or thing. Eg: Mohan, Kolkata, Rose etc.,

2. Adjective – fo”ks’k.k

Adjective is aword used to qualify the noun.  Eg:  Mohan is a brave boy.  Here brave is an adjective

3. Pronoun – loZuke

Pronoun is used instead of noun.  Eg:  Mohan is absent because he is ill.  ‘he’ is used as pronoun.

4. Verb – fØ;k

Verb is used to express an action or state.  Eg:  Mohan writes a letter to hiscousin.  ‘writes’ is a verb.

5. Adverb – fØ;k fo”ks’k.k

Adverb is used to add some more meaning to a verb.

Eg: Mohan wrote the letter quickly. ‘quickly’ is adverb.

6. Preposition iwoZlxZ

Preposition is used with a noun or pronoun to show the noun or pronoun stands in relation to something else.

Eg: Mohan works in a company. ‘in’ is a preposition.

7. Conjunction – leqPp; cks/kd

Conjunction is used to join words or sentences.

Eg: Mohan and Hari are cousins. ‘and’ is a conjunction.

8. Interjection. – foLe; cks/kd

Interjection is a word which expresses a sudden feeling.

Eg: Alas!He is dead. ‘Alas’ is an interjection.