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Questions and Answers of Chapter 14.

Questions and Answers of   Chapter 14.


1.   1.  What will happen if the trees are not taken care of?

      If the trees are not taken care of, the human life will be in danger.

2.   2.  What happens when the trees get dry?

     When the trees get dry, there will be no more whispering of leaves.

3.   3.  What does the poet wait in vain for?

     The poet wait in vain for the growth of new leaves.

4.   4.  What does the poet mean by piling rubbish on rubbish?

      The poet mean that the artificial materials do not provide food  and shelter and they 

       are useless for atmosphere.

5.   5.   How do the trees sing?

      When the wind blows through the branches and leaves, it seems that the trees are