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Questions and Answers of Chapter 12

Questions and Answers of   Chapter 12

Delhi in 1857.

1.   1. Where did Ghalib’s wife send her jewels and valuables?

    Ghalib’s wife sent her jewels and valuables to the house of Kale Saheb.

2.   2. Where in Kale Saheb’s house were those jewels and valuables stored?

    The jewels and valuables were stored in the cellar by Kale Saheb.

3.   3. What was it that Ghalib did not hope to get again from the British Government?

    Ghalib did not hope to get his pension from the British Government.

4.   4. In what will Ghalib’s distress end?

    Ghalib thought that his distress will end either in death or in beggary.

5.   5.  Where will Ghalib go and live if the conditions of his life do not improve?

     If the conditions of his life do not improve, Ghalib will go and live in some strange