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Questions and Answers of Chapter 10

Questions and Answers of   Chapter 10

Individual Freedom.

1.   How does communism succeed?

Communism comes in the wake of disillusionment followed by the failure of the spirit of religion.

2.   Are there contradiction within the framework of communism itself?

Yes,there are contradiction within the framework of communism as it suppress individual freedom and contempt the moral and spiritual side of life.

3.   Which country has the best system of education and health in the world?

Soviet Union has the best system of education and health in the world.

4.   With what did communism become closely associated?

Communism is closely associated with violence.

5.   “For both of them there are no shades.” Who are both?

For both the communists and the anti-communists there are no shades.

6.   Which approach does Nehru think wholly unscientific and unreasonable?

The communists and the anti-communists are bigoted aspects of religion. Hence unscientific and unreasonable.

7.   What does the conflict in Hungary represent?

The conflict in Hungary represented nationalism striving for freedom from foreign control.

8.   How can social progress be achieved?

Social progress can be achieved through cooperation and regard to individuals.

9.   What has been the result of the alliance of democracy and capitalism?

Democracy allied to capitalism has brought down many of its evils.

10.     What is socialism?

Socialism is away of life  but a certain scientific approach to social  and economic problems.