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Questions and Answers of Chapter 8

Questions and Answers of   Chapter 8

Dandi SaltMarch.

1.  On Which date did the  Dandi Salt March commence?

The Dandi Salt March commenced on 12 March 1930.

2.    How many member of the Sabarmati Ashram accompanied Gandhi on this march?

78 members of the Sabarmati Ashram accompanied Gandhi on this march.

3.    In which magazine were the names of the marchers published?

Young India was the magazine in which the names of the marchers published.

4.    What was the length of the staff which Gandhi, on this occasion, carried?

Gandhi,on this occasion, carried a one inch thick bamboo stick which was 54  inches long.

5.    How many days did it take the satyagrahis to reach Dandi?

It took the satyagrahis  24  days to reach Dandi.

6.    What did Gandhi exhort people to do when  he addressed them on the way to Dandi?

Gandhi urged the people to give up alcohol, drugs and abandon child marriage and also insisted to live a life of purity and cleanliness.

7.    What was considered child’s play by Gandhi?

Walking less than twelve miles in two stages  was considered child’s play by Gandhi.

8.    On which date did Gandhi  and his  followers reach Dandi?

Gandhiji and his followers reached Dandi on April 5 1930.

9.    How many people reached Dandi when Gandhi finally reached there?

Thousands of people reached Dandi when Gandhiji finally reached there.

10.What were the words of Mrs. Sarojini Naidu when Gandhi broke the salt law?

“Hail Deliverer” were the words of Mrs.Sarojini Naidu when Gandhi broke the salt law.

11 What required imagination, dignity and the sense of showmanship of a great artist?

Making the public aware of disobedience of the government law should become a criminal law shows the showmanship of great artist.

12What was the reaction of Subhash Chandra Bose to this breaking of the salt law?

Subhash Chandra Bose compared the Dandi March to Napolean’s  March to Paris.