English Grammar, First Year Classes & Topics

Questions & Answers: Chapter 3


1.      What is themost significant quality of Indian Civilization?

The most significant quality of Indian Civilization is that it remainsin continuity.

2.      Mention themost important characteristics of the Indian way of life?

The most important characteristics of the Indian way of life is that itretain its charm and graciousness in spite of being influenced by westerncivilization.

3.      When did Indianculture influence begin in Ceylon?

The influence of Indian culture began in the 5th century BCin Ceylon.

4.      Who are the firstIndians to go to the South-East Asian countries?

The colonists from western Indian were the first Indians to go to theSouth-East Asian countries.

5.      What isreferred to by Indian historians as “Greater India”?

South-East Asia was referred as greater India by Indian historians.

6.      Who is said tohave conquered Ceylon first?

Vijaya, the Aryan conqueror is said to have conquered Ceylon first.