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Answer of Exercise No. 25

Answer of Exercise No. 25

Fill in the blanks with a preposition where necessary.

1.   I am going to home on Saturday.

2.   Reetika lived in a house which was located just outside Mussoorie at theHimalayan foothills.

3.   Reetika asked her grandfather to take a cherry.

4.   Reetika possessed the seed for the soil with her thumb.

5.   Grandfather told   Rhea stories ofpeople who turned into animals and ghosts.

6.   “What are the pebbles of? Grandfather asked.

7.   When the tree was about half a metre high, a goat entered the garden andate the leaves.

8.   At the end of the rainy season, new leaves appeared in the tree.

9.   One morning, Grandfather went to the garden to get some sun.

10.                     He stood under the cherry tree and looked at it for a long time.

11.                     I promised my brother a toy train for a birthday gift.

12.                     I wrote my father a letter last week.

13.                     He explained  me that it was acustom in his country to worship  


14.                     We must try to get home in time for dinner.