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Answer of Exercise No. 24

Answerof Exercise No. 24

Inserta preposition if necessary.

1.   Tanuja asked her father for money.

2.   They paid me for the piano.

3.   I thought he would offer Neha the job, but he offered it to me.

4.   Keep for me a place, and keep a place for Rhea too.

5.   He sold the statue to an American leader for Rs.60000.

6.   They showed us photographs of their twin daughters.

7.   Vikas promised us a share in the profits.

8.   Aparna is knitting socks for war widows.

9.   If you are going to the post office, could you buy me some stamps.

10.                     Buying presents for children is sometimes very difficult.

11.                     Sitting on the floor is not very comfortable.

12.                     Could you lend me your English work book?

13.                     I explained to him that it was a custom in India to greet people with   


14.                     Rhea told them to wait for her at the bridge.

15.                     I cannot tell you what she said to me in confidence.

16.                     He advised the strikers to go back to work.

17.                     The policeman ordered us to give him all the maps  in our   


18.                     We must try to get home in time for tea.

19.                     He told lies to the police.

20.                     I read to him the report. He listened to me.