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Answer of exercise No.19

Answerof exercise No.19

Rewritethe following in reported speech:

1.   My wife asked how many friends of mine were coming to dinner.

2.   His mother asked angrily why he hadn’t got up earlier.

3.    The employer wanted to knowwhether he thought he could learn Russian in a year.

4.   The secretary wanted to know why the boss was so angry.

5.   The old man asked whether he would live to be a hundred.

6.   Mrs. Sharma asked her husband whether she should set the dishes on thetable.

7.   The stranger enquired how far it was to the University and whether hecould walk to it or must take a bus.

8.   He asked his wife who had called while he had been away and askedwhether he had left any message for him.

9.   He asked his son whether he had locked the house.