English Grammar, First Year Classes & Topics

Answer of exercise No. 16

Answerof exercise No. 16 Modals:

1.   We should  aim at noble goals (desirability)

2.   You  may leave the office earlytoday(permission)

3.   The government has declared that any plane  seen flying over its land will be shot down(threat)

4.   He has sent the message that he could be late ( possibility)

5.   She dare not tell her father the whole truth( absence of courage )

6.   It’s raining I must take my raincoat.(compulsion)

7.   Could he be so foolish as to behave like this ?(possibility)

8.   The country could build submarines before the Second World War.(ability)

9.   They will gladly accept the offer.(willingness)

10.                     You are very late. However, you could meet him if you hurry up. (


11.                     “You should not go until you tell me the truth.” said the policeofficer.   


12.                     I could run a mile when I was young. ( ability in the past)

13.                     “You shall be looked after well.” said the manager of the


14.                     There is no other offer. I must accept this job.(compulsion)

15.                     How dare you insult him ?(presence of courage)

16.                     May you prosper and live long! ( blessing)

17.                     I will (willingness) certainly to it, if I (desirability)

18.                     Could I stay here tonight”? said the stranger. (polite request)

19.                     Visitors to the steel plant  mustnot  cross the railing put round the    


20.                     We can still reach the place if we only run for half an hour.